Remodeling the transport sector of Williamson County

Did you know that American Commuters spend a total of 42 hours annually stuck in a traffic jam? It has also been estimated that close to $160 billion is lost in missed productivity when these traffic jams happen. The cost comes from the work opportunity lost, the additional gas that is used up when in a traffic snarl up and the additional wear and tear that happens to the vehicle in the process. The Williamson County is not taking these statistics for granted and they have already brought this matter to the discussion table at the county assembly.

One of the things that they stated is the fact that they expect that as the technological advancements keep happening, it will become even more complicated to adjust the transport systems to keep up. Think of a situation where the driverless car gets into traffic jam and they have to get around it. The presence of a better transportation system would be great because it would support and even exploit the new developments in technology. The community also noted that the community’s population was growing and that they needed a more reliable means to get from one place to the other. The rise in the population of the area has been attributed to the sharp increase in the rural to urban migration of the people. It was stated that in order for the system to serve people well, it would have t include roads that are smarter, technically advanced and completely efficient.

The residents also asked what the administration was doing about the expected rise in population. Mike Heiligenstein, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority head stated that the land codes had remained the same for a number of years and they expected them to stay that way. This was seen as the best move towards making sure that structures that expanded the use of the transport system got better.

About Mike Heiligenstein

He is the director of the CTRMA. The company was started five years ago to deal with issues that were affecting the industry. Besides working in this position, he has also worked as a public official in the county for the past 23 years. He has been making changes to the manner in which companies operate and making sure that the people of the town get excellent quality of services. He is truly one of the most inspirational leaders of out time.

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