Roberto Santiago’s Investments Have Upgraded the Social and Economic Options of Joao Pessoa Individuals

Roberto Santiago is a 58-year-old prominent entrepreneur of Brazilian descent. He is a business administration graduate from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Roberto started his career in some café in Santa Rosa. Afterward, he established business that specialized in manufacturing decorative and utilitarian products. Currently, his professional career has plummeted with many accomplishments including one of the famous shopping malls in Joao Pessoa. Other than Manaira Shopping Mall, Mr. Santiago also owns another mall dubbed Mangeira that was launched in 2013. Mr. Santiago hobbies include sports, and he has won several trophies in kart and motocross tournaments. Read more on

The Manaira Shopping Mall is located in Joao Pessoa, a city located in the Northeastern part of Brazil. The city is famed for its warm hospitality, delicious cuisine and stunning beaches with perfect sunsets enlightening it. The Manaira Shopping Mall is the biggest with a well-stamped presence in Joao Pessoa. The owner of the shopping mall is the prominent entrepreneur Roberto Santiago. The Mall in its efforts to foster continuous relations with its clients offers several entertainment services and products and can be found on

The Manaira shopping mall was carefully designed with a focus on fun and entertainment elements. For instance, it has approximately eleven rooms furnished with the state of the art entertainment equipment. Such rooms include movie theaters, gaming arenas, and concerts halls. Besides, the VIP and 3D theaters have seats arranged the same way as in stadia, which ensures consumers have a wider visibility.

The Manaira shopping mall is equipped with the largest concert halls in Brazil that have attracted the attention of several renowned global celebrities. The concert hall is known a Domus Hall and can hold over 4,000 seated persons and 10,000 standing ones. The Domus Hall is located on the shopping mall’s rooftop and is an ideal location to host events including weddings, graduations, concerts and trade fairs.

The bars within the shopping have perfect treats like gourmet popcorn, drinks, and candy that suits clientele requirements. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping also has an 1800 square meter gaming arena equipped with contemporary gaming devices. Also, there is an amusement park equipped with an electronic bowling lane. Other than that, the shopping mall houses a fitness center that clients can use.

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There are several shopping outlets inside the Manaira Mall that for items such as shoes, clothes, furniture, jewelry, sportswear, book, and cosmetics. The mall also has many great places to eat ranging from fast food joints to high-end dinner restaurants like Capital Steakhouse, Waynes, Gourmet, and Espaco among many others. Besides the entertainment element of the Manaira Mall, it houses an educational center known as the College Higher Education of Paraiba.