Marc Sparks: Serial Entrepreneur And Founder Of Splash Media

Marc Sparks is a businessman and entrepreneur who has been working in the business for an extremely extended period of time. He has been a part of several startups, some of which have been big successes, while some, not as much. Whatever the success rate of his businesses might be, Marc Sparks does surely know how to lead a business right and prepare it for the real world. He is a man of big ideas and has brought many of them to life through the numerous ventures that he has taken part in. Using this experience and knowledge about the field of business, he has transitioned into being one of the top business advisors in the entire country and is known to bring on businesses and turn them into something that is worth talking about.


The business advisory is no easy task. For the person who wants to hear the advice, finding a good business advisor is not easy, and requires a little bit of knowledge about the field to implement. On the other hand, finding the right clients to nurture and help is a task for the business advisor. They need to have experience dealing with this kind of clients, and also need to know the different nuances of business. The business advisor is the person that the client counts on. The future of the firm rests on their shoulders, which is why there is an incentive for them not to mess up the idea and give inputs on something that is bound to fail. A business advisor should have all these traits so that they can be good at what they do and come up as business advisors that have brought big ideas to life. Almost all the people entering the field of business want to be in that position someday, the position in which you are the smartest person in the room and have all the information and knowledge that you would ever need. It’s almost like having Google and then using it to get top-notch business advice.


One of the fields that Marc Sparks has invested the most into is the field of media and advertising. This was one of the tracks that caught Marc Sparks’ interest, which is why he decided to enter it for himself and make a name in the industry. He was behind some of the largest media and communications providers in the entire country and was known for the firms that he put together. Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless were two companies that Marc Sparks was known best for. He gave these companies life and brought them to a position where they could stand tall as one of the active members of society. Learn more: