Fabletics Enables People To Wear What They Want

Fashion at its truest state is all about being able to express oneself. However, there has been a lot of policing in many different ways when it comes to outfits. The standards of dressing are very rigid for both men and women. The only way men can dress well is by wearing either a suit and tie or a tuxedo. This does not leave a lot of options for men. However, there have been some men that have stepped out of convention and have gotten praises. However, women have also experienced some of the rigid standards when it comes to dressing up. At the same time, there is not that much choice when it comes to clothing in categories like athletic clothes.


There are companies that are bringing this type of change for both men and women. One such company is TechStyle. A lot of work is being done to influence the styles around the world. One way that TechStyle is taking on the trends of the globe is through the activewear category with a brand called Fabletics. Among the owners and representatives of Fabletics is Kate Hudson. She is someone who is knows for her impeccable sense of style.


One thing that Kate Hudson is that style is individual. She is also someone who does not want to dictate what others wear. She wants people to figure out their own sense of style and what works for them so that they can enjoy. One good thing about Fabletics is that it allows people the space to experiment with different looks so that they can find what truly satisfies them.


Fabletics is considered one of the best companies in the fashion industry. It is even getting ready to give Amazon a run for the money. While Amazon has tons of options in the fashion industry, one thing that Fabletics does is help people find what they are looking for. It can be very challenging for people to have to dig through all of the products to find something they want. Fabletics offers people the lifestyle quiz which will help them find the products that are closest to their preferences as possible.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Could Have Amazon on the Ropes?

While it is highly unlikely that any company will have Amazon on the ropes, there is one company in the sports apparel niche that is certainly garnering some attention. Amazon sits comfortably in the top spot in the e-commerce fashion world, owning 20 percent of the sales in that space. Having not had any strong competition for years, Amazon might want to look a little closer at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Her company has already sold over $250 million in women’s active-wear in only three years, and may have their sights o bigger things.


Hudson was discussing the popularity of her athleisure brand and how her company has commanded such a huge audience in such a small amount of time. She says it all comes down to reverse showrooming and the Fabletics membership program. To follow the money trail, we begin at the Fabletics shops in the mall, when women come to window-shop, take the Lifestyle Quiz, grab the free membership, and even try on as many of the workout apparel pieces they can. To the surprise of everyone, not all women leave the store making a purchase.


If the stores are not pushing sales, how did Fabletics hit $250 in sales in only a 36 month span?


The secret to the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, it all comes down to how women shop online. Most women are frustrated with shopping at Amazon, and then having to return everything because it rarely fits. With Fabletics, since you already tried on the items in the store and know what size fits you, once you visit the Fabletics website, all you have to do is stuff your shopping cart with high-quality active-wear. The guesswork is taken out of the equation, and all those things you tried on while shopping at the mall have been added to your online shopping cart to make the buying process easier.


So now these consumers have an easier way to shop for items they want to fit them, they get free shipping with their membership, and they even enjoy lower pricing. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all about making the shopping experience easier and more personalized at the same time. Since the items women are buying are high-quality to begin with, the decision to add more to the shopping cart than they would at the mall just makes sense. Amazon may not be worried now, but if Kate Hudson’s Fabletics keeps making these types of sales numbers, watch out!