Oncotarget Publishes a Study Revealing that E-cigarettes’ Adverse Effects are Similar to those of Normal Cigarettes

According to a study conducted by the prestigious University of Rochester Medical Center, individuals that opt for electronic cigarettes are not safe as e-cigars have similar health hazards as compared to the traditional cigarettes. This research which was published in Oncotarget is the first of its kind to address electronic cigarettes and their harmful effects on oral health on cellular and molecular levels. Irfan Rahman, Ph.D. Lecturer at the University, was in charge of the study.

Currently, e-cigarettes are used by millennials who believe that they offer safer and healthier alternatives to traditional cigarettes. In the past, researchers thought that chemicals found in cigarette smoke were responsible for the adverse health outcomes; however, newer developments of knowledge suggest that this is not entirely accurate. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

According to the study conducted by Ifran and his team at the UR Medical College, the vapors emitted from the e-cigarettes releases inflammatory proteins that worsen stress inside the tissues resulting in severe damage that develops into several oral infections. According to Professor Rahman, the damage on the individual’s oral cavity and gums are dependants on the quantity and how often the person smokes the e-cigarettes. Additionally, the same study discovered that some of the chemicals incorporated to flavor the e-cigarettes may result in adverse harm to mouth tissues.

Professor Ifran clarifies that more research on e-cigars is imperative and he would like if all manufacturers would disclose all information on the materials and chemicals used so that customers are knowledgeable of the potential risks.

About Oncotarget

Oncotarget refers to a global peer-reviewed journal that specializes in documenting historical research on all matters relating to oncology such as cancer treatment options and the manner in which such procedures should be followed. Moreover, the medical journal also examines the impact of the cancer management programs in increasing the patient’s quality life, adherence, and satisfaction. The Medical journal is free and can be accessed by relevant the stakeholders.

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