Michael Lacey: A Great Mathematician Changing the Lives of Many People

Michael’s Ph.D. came from the University of Illinois back in 1987. This happened under the watch of his professor Walter Philip. In the journey to getting his doctorate, Lacey did a thesis that discussed on the probability in Banach Spaces.

Also, he managed to find a way to work out empirically characterized functions with while applying the law of iterated logarithm. This two formed the basis for which he was awarded his doctorate.

Before enrolling for his Ph.D., his research fields included ergodic theories, harmonic analysis, and probability. Before his Ph.D., Lacey had a B.S from the University of Texas which he was awarded in 1981. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

After receiving his doctorate, Michael Lacey has been called to serve as director of different capacities and research projects in different universities. They include Louisiana State University where he acted as an Associate professor for over a year and the University of North Carolina where he held the position of an Associate Professor.

He also served at Indiana University where he was also an assistant professor and Georgia Institute of Technology where he started off as an associate professor before becoming a full professor.

As a mathematics researcher, teacher, and professor, Lacey has been awarded several honors which show the good work he is doing and that there are people who appreciate the work. The honors include the latest where he was accepted as a fellow member of American Mathematical Society.

Mathematican was awarded the Prix Salem Prize for successfully solving the Bilinear Hilbert Transform with the help of his fellow mathematician Christoph Thiele. The ward was granted by the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University. Other awards include Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring award, a Simeons Fellow, a Guggenheim Fellow, and an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow.

Following his many research projects, Lacey has been able to produce over 150 publications all by himself. The publications range from his research findings, the problems he has solved, and even his projections on some of the most difficult mathematical expressions ever.

These publications have also contributed to the honors he has received over his career. In addition to the publications, he also conducts talks to different groups of people interested in mathematical studies.

As a teacher, he has been able to help many students graduate to become mathematicians. Under him, more than ten mathematical professors have been nurtured. This has been achieved not only by teaching and mentoring the students, but also by organizing their schedules, semesters, and classes in a way that enabled them to learn without facing difficulties.

To date, he continues to play a major role in the field of mathematics. He has contributed a lot to understanding and solving several mathematical problems while at the same time proofing some theories correct or wrong according to his solutions and research findings.

He is currently based at the Georgia Tech Facility where he provides his services as a full professor. He is key in recommending his students to the industry after he has fully trained, advised, and guided them to the various levels they want to attain.

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  1. It’s often the view perhaps backed by real world experience that mathematicians are geeky and have no time for people outside using them in some form of research. Well, their are exceptions to every rule and Michael Lacey is one exception. A mathematician of some standing, he has not let achievements blind him from playing a nurturing role to raise others to be like and surpass his achievements. Check out Essay Mama to get more of his fascinating story

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