Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Turned their Settlement Amount to Charity

Two journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media respectively, recently won a case against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. After a decade of a strip of lawsuits, they finally emerged triumphant in the United States Courts of Appeals for the ninth circuit. They were paid $3.75 million as settlement after they were unlawfully arrested in October 2007.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the lawman in charge of the Maricopa County, Arizona, got the duo from their homes at night and jailed them unlawfully. The two journalists then decided to sue the county of Maricopa. The case took ten years to be resolved, but the good journalists had the patience to wait.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey referred to the settlement they got as Lacey and Larkin Fontera Fund, and they decided to use the money to fund groups and organizations that fight for civil, and general human rights, as well as the rights of immigrants. These groups have played a major role in fighting injustices for the marginalized group of people. Examples of these groups are:

Arizona Justice Project

This justice project offers pro bono legal services to convicts who have been jailed unlawfully. Inmates who have been given harsh punishments and inmates suffering from life-threatening illnesses are taken care of. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

They are among the groups that benefit from the Lacey and Larkin Fontera Fund. They also educate the public on their rights.

Promise Arizona

This organization opposed the SB 1070 started protests in the streets. SB 1070 is an immigration law that said that police could choose the immigration status of a convict, with suspicion that they were illegally in the country. For the protests, the organization’s leaders were arrested but later.

Trans Queer Pueblo

It is an organization that fights for the rights of LGBTQ (stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, as well as transgender queer) it is also a migrant group that appreciates different cultures, identify leadership in youthful immigrants.

This group gives free medical services to indigent patients. They support their fellow LGBTQ detained and hold events for justice to the needy. Through the organization’s catering business immigrants released from prisons can now earn a living through earning from the business.

American Immigration Council

They honor the history of immigrants, as well as the way immigrants have contributed to the rich culture of America. They educate the public on the human rights available.

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