Goettl Air Conditioning Making Moves in Southern California

According to a report by BizJournals, Goettl Air Condition is no longer satisfied with its market share in the HVAC industry. The company took a major step, acquiring one of its Southern California competitors. Looking to capture more local customers who may prefer a down home approach to HVAC, Goettl acquired Walton’s Heating and Air.

As BizJournals points out, Goettl has already established a strong presence in much of the Southwest. The company has done well in Phoenix, Las Vegas and other parts of the region. It had struggled in some ways to establish a foothold in Southern California, however. This came in part because of companies like Walton’s, which was a family business that had a consistent and loyal customer base. BizJournals points out that the deal is not just good for Goettl. It also benefits Walton’s. The owner of Walton’s recognized that the company had reached what it could do with just a single owner. The owner of the company sought to grow its influence across the region, and teaming up with a powerful company like Goettl was just the trick he needed in order to be successful.

The agreement was a long time coming, reports indeed.com. The two companies agreed in principle on the deal in 2015. They held off on making any kind of announcement so that Goettl could help the company work out marketing and operational issues. With those issues resolved, Goettl felt as if it was time to announce the deal to the public and begin cashing in on the influence of Walton’s in the Southern California region.

According to Business Press Vegas, Goettl is a major success story in the HVAC world. Owner Ken Goodrich can be credited with coming up with the ideas to turn around a business that was struggling to some extent before his leadership. He went through a re-branding campaign and helped to improve the level of service delivered by the company. In doing so, Goodrich helped Goettl go from being an also-ran in the HVAC industry to being one of the most respected companies in the region. Though the company has been in operation since before the end of World War II, Goodrich is credited with approach its problems from the inside, motivating employees to provide the best service by instilling a sense of morale and ownership in the company’s brand and performance.



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