Adam Milstein Philanthropist and Investor

When Adam Milstein came to the US in 1981 to pursue graduate work at USC, he had already seen much of life. In addition to earning a degree at the Technion, like other college students in Isreal, he had done his part and fought in the Yom Kippur war. When recruiters came to USC to recruit the new grads, Adam Milstein saw that they were only offering jobs that paid little more than students graduating with lesser degrees were making. He decided to take an informed chance and become an entrepreneur, first as a real estate broker and then as an investor in commercial real estate. Adam Milstein had the foresight to make the right choices at the right time in the fast-growing Southern California market.


Having founded Hagar Pacific Properties, he made his name in the real estate arena; however, he never left his Israeli roots behind. He used his wealth to make a difference, both in his native land and his adopted country. Adam Milstein and his wife Gila are active in Pro-Isreali causes, such as providing free Hebrew books to Isreali-Americans through Sifriyat Pijama B’America. He is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and serves as their National Chairman.


Making his home in Encino, California, Adam Milstein is a husband, father, and grandfather in addition to being one of the most famous real estate entrepreneurs in the US. More than just an investment leader, Mr. Milstein and his family use their wealth and influence to make the world a better place by working for the protection of Israel and the preservation of Jewish culture.


Adam Milstein: How To Succeed In Real Estate

Do not let anything fall between the cracks – that is what Adam Milstein would tell you. These and among other wise epithets are the things that have shaped him in a career in real estate and a life of philanthropy and love.



Who is Adam Milstein?



Adam Milstein was born in Israel where he spent his formative years. He served as a soldier and later on joined his father in the business of real estate and construction development. He was married in 1974 and got his degree in Bachelors of Science in 1978. He arrived in the U.S.A in 1981 and he earned an MBA from the University of South Californiain 1983. He is currently the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties.



In an exclusive interview with Ideamensch, Adams Milstein opened up about the values that have shaped him so far. Top of these is the ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude that he has based his work ethics. When he wanted to start out, he realized that the people who gave him opportunities in life did not really appreciate what he had to offer them. He decided to go at it himself and became a sales agent. After just three successful years as a broker, he decided it was time to become an investor in real estate ad he has not looked back since.



Milstein denies there being any routine to the business of real estate, there is only what is possible. Business is a day to day activity, and while it is fulfilling, it requires a person to do more to be truly satisfied. Milstein derives his satisfaction from philanthropy. In fact, most of the values that have made him such a successful real estate investor have driven him in his works of philanthropy. He is a co-founder and the national chairman of Israeli- American foundation among other charity foundations.



Adam Milstein inspires many and he is a true beacon of our society. He is proof that economic fulfilment is not enough. You also has to give back and care for those that surround them.

The Milstein Foundation


Omar Boraie: The Egyptian Real Estate Guru

Omar Boraie, an Egyptian immigrant, migrated to New Brunswick 4 decades ago determined to attain a Ph.D. in Chemistry. According to a publication by Central Jersey Working Moms dubbed: Entrepreneurs in the Real Estate Industry, Boraie got inspired to venture into real estate while in New Brunswick. He waited patiently for the right time to establish his business. New Brunswick in 1975 was not an urban city that you would enjoy living in today. Johnson & Johnson were committed to remaining in the city despite its short comings. It was during this time that Omar Boraie caught a break and started purchasing neglected structures and plots situated on Albany Street. By 1988, Omar had opened “Albany Street Plaza Tower One”, and was providing first class offices to New Brunswick residents. Omar opened “Albany Street Plaza Tower Two” in 2007, and soon after the “One Spring Street Condominium”.

The “One Spring Street Condominium” was able to hold 120 apartments. The apartments were 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. Each apartment had a full balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows. A huge portion of these condominiums were two-bedroom units. The price for the two bedroom condominiums was ranging between $400,000 and $500,000. Ever since this time up to date, Boraie Development has been involved in renovating underutilized buildings and plots into office space and apartment units.

Omar’s son inherited his father’s business acumen. As vice-president at Boraie Development, the young man was innovative and developed fresh methods of turning demolition sites to decent neighborhoods. One of his notable achievements was when, under his guidance, a parcel of land near Richard Stockon College was renovated from a dump into a decent hostel unit. Wasseem Boraie was able to turn the site into a student hostel with a capacity of more than 400 students. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

Mr. Sam Boraie was not only a Genomic scientist; he was a renowned entrepreneur who was confident about what he wanted. Boraie was creative enough to change something unworthy and useless into something amazing. Additionally, Wasseem Boraie inherited his wits and managed to match his own innovation to his dad’s creativity. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie provides a wide variety of services that focus on the urban real estate industry. These services include real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management. The team at Boraie Development is dedicated to establishing spectacular buildings and offering unparalleled services to its clients.

Boraie Development always works with strong financial institutions, talented and vision oriented contractors and architects who understand the importance of deadlines in ensuring the success and timely completion of all projects.

Nathaniel Ru And A New Style Of Fast Food

Fast food that is created by Sweetgreen is a completely new business model for the industry. There are many people searching for a better way to eat fast food, and this article explains how Nathaniel is ensuring that all his customers are eating well. Someone on a diet may find Sweetgreen to be helpful, and the company is run on a concept of fresh ingredients. There are many health needs that may be met by this stellar firm. Learn more:


#1: What Does Sweetgreen Do?


Sweetgreen is a new style of restaurant that makes fresh food in a number of vegetarian styles for customers. They move at the speed of a fast food restaurant, but they are selling dishes that are most often found in fancy restaurants. Nathaniel Ru and his team want to see their customers eating well at all times, and they will sell the freshest ingredients for that day to each customers.


#2: What Is Their Business Model?


Nathaniel Ru has gone to great lengths to ensure that his business is offering the finest ingredients at the best prices. He wants his customers to come to the company because they enjoy fresh food, and he believes that his customers will refer their vegetarian friends to this firm. This is a safer stop for all those who are eating a better diet, and it may become a large part of someone’s daily routine. Learn more:


#3: Why Did Nathaniel Start Sweetgreen?


Nathaniel and his team started Sweetgreen because they wanted to have a place to eat that appealed to them. They built the restaurant they would eat at every day, and they have grown a business that serves their nutritional needs. This is a safe place for people who have chosen a healthier lifestyle, and someone who wishes to eat well may come to this place for the dishes that have been built by Nathaniel and his expert team. There are many new flavors introduced during the course of the year.


The business model and menu at Sweetgreen is completely different from anything else that is found in the fast food market. This is a place that is known for the amazing work it does with fresh ingredients, and they have built a fast food restaurant around flavor that cannot be matched. Anyone eating a healthy diet may come to Sweetgreen, and Nathaniel Ru has ensured that this company offers a variety of options for every diner.

Learn more: