The Expansive Nature of Arthur Becker’s Life

Arthur Becker was born in 1950 and grew up in New York where he still lives and works today. He is a graduate of BA in Fine Arts from Bennington College where he had achieved a mixed major of ceramics and photography. He also attended business school at The Tuck School of Business which is part of Dartmouth College in Hanover in New Hampshire. Presently, he is a Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC, an investment company with a central focus on real estate and Bio Tech ventures. With previous experience in the management of investment banking and technology services, Beck brings a wealth of expertise into Madison Partners.

Beck’s Interests in fashion and Art

Arthur Becker also has a keen interest in fashion and art. The Fine Art graduate picked up on his photographic work in the late 1990’s. He has been involved in the creation of photographic images using texture. He also introduced visual artifact to paintings and his most contemporary works have kept the focus on currency. He has been exhibited in a number of places which include Morgan Walker Fine Art, Hal Katzen, New York, Arcature which is in Palm Beach, Florida, and Art Basel.

Arthur Becker as an Entrepreneur and Investor

In 1994, Becker set up a technological company known as Bnox, Inc and was its Founder and President. He also established a company known as Advance Partners, LLC, a company that was involved in advising other businesses and facilitating financing for acquisitions. He was also the founder of Atlantic Investors where he was CEO for more than 8 years. The company took control of three data center companies in the United States and Becker was heavily involved in its growth and expansion. The company was later sold to Time Warner and Becker continued to privately invest in companies involved in technology and real estate development.

Major Milestones in Business

One major milestone in Arthur Becker’s life was his involvement with Zinio. Zinio is the largest digital magazine distributor globally and Becker was named its Chairman and CEO in 2012. The transformation that was experienced in the business is attributed to the leadership of Arthur Becker. His role at the helm of Zinio saw the company achieve profitability. He also brought about technological changes that remodeled the supply chain of the business and played a leading role when the business acquired a digital technology company with operations in Vietnam and Barcelona. Towards the end of 2015, he stepped down as Chairman and CEO although he remained on the board of the company.

According to PageSix, Arthur Becker has two daughters with Vera Wang and is still actively investing in real estate and in companies that deal with technological growth. He is still an art enthusiast and an active artist. He is also very involved philanthropically and strives to ensure that he makes other people’s lives better.


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